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Brands We Love: Part 2

Brands We Love: Part 2

Posted by MAIR on Sep 14th 2021

Last month I started a series where I shared 3 of my favorite brands by owners I thought were crushing it in their respective fields and made a promise to continue this series every month to the end of 2021. This month I want to shed light on brands that have been around for some time with diverse product lines, you’re bound to love something from each of them.


I remember years ago seeing, Gloria Williams, owner of Footnanny on TV talking about how she started her line, you could feel her passion and excitement for her creations with every word she spoke. It was nothing short of inspiring. Fast forward 4-5 years later we’re sitting across from each other in an accelerator program in New York City and she owned the room! Within 20 minutes everyone knew who she was and what she did. And as a customer of hers, I can tell you her foot creams live up to every claim.


What’s To Love?

It goes without saying, that I’m a scent-obsessed person and Footnanny creams give me aromatherapy vibes. If you’re like me, your feet are probably one of the most neglected body parts, Footnanny has everything to help restore your feet to feeling baby smooth.

Their product line is robust, there is something for men and women from their line of foot creams to soak salts, essential oils, and more. This will definitely be a top favorite of yours and they make great gifts for your friends and colleagues.

Elizabeth Purpich

I remember seeing these elegant bags and thinking to myself, wow, anyone can wear this from a country girl to a city girl, like me. The hides are so beautiful yet different on every bag. And what I love most is that her line is all delicately put together by hand.

What’s To Love?

Beth has been building her brand for 12 years and what makes her company unique is her ability to create a custom bag for you. Check this out, let’s say you and a friend go on a hunting expedition and you want to turn your catch into a bag, Beth’s company has partnered with artisans you can take the hides and have them repurposed and made into a custom bag to your preference. Getting married and want to show your appreciation to your bridal party? Look through her Bridesmaid collection, I love all things blue, and her Blue Hide clutch is a personal favorite of mine.

Think of this brand when you’re ready to treat yourself or a group of friends/colleagues to the world of luxury handbags. For the full experience, she has a studio in the Galleria area of Houston where you can sit and discuss one-on-one with her and talk over designs for your next custom handbag.

Quartana Parfums

Joseph Quartana, is a rock star in the fashion and fragrance world. As I write this, I have another window open and am currently adding to the cart from his award-winning line of fragrances. Love him as a person and love his brand and how he brings his creativity and passion for scents into his work. His niche fragrances have a glamourous earth vibe to them.

What’s To Love?

Joseph is the owner of two unisex perfume houses SIX SCENTS PARFUMS and PARFUMS QUARTANA and both are based in New York City. I got the chance to smell both lines in Philly in a store called Perfumology. In my personal opinion, the only difference between the two houses is that Quartana perfumes smell more refined while Six Scents perfumes you really get to smell the creativity and get a sense of Joseph’s freedom from fragrance standards and expectations which is a rare gift.

He’s been building his collection for 13 years since it debuted in 2008 and his brands are highly praised within the fragrance community and pretty much every fragrance he puts out wins an award, he’s the real deal. You can’t go wrong with any selection you purchase from his brand. Personally, I’m a huge fan of earthy scents and I’m hooked on Nappa Noir, a floral leather eau de parfum.

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