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 Brands We Love: Part 1

Brands We Love: Part 1

Posted by MAIR on Aug 16th 2021

I’ve wanted to write this blog for a while now. There are so many brands I love and want to shed light on; however, it would be impossible to put them in one post. So, I will start a monthly series where I share about the brands I’m fond of and why.

Kicking off this series are three companies I think are killing it in their industries and how they share and communicate with their online community. 

Savoir Faire

Whew, I don’t even know where to begin with this company and the inspiring hustle of its owner. Savoir Faire is a black-owned fragrance brand created by the one and only Chris Classic. This company has carved its own space in artistic scent expressions ranging from bold sensory notes of tobacco, tomato leaf, oud, amber, and more. All fragrances in his line are unisex, well-balanced, unique, and long-lasting. You’ll never hear; it smells like such and such fragrance with his line.


What’s to Love?

I love this company because all of its fragrances are handmade and handled with care by Chris and his team. The quality of his fragrances is up there with the majors, and he’s always dropping something new, whether it’s a mood mister or a fashionable pair of sunglasses.

And what’s not to love about Chris Classic himself? He’s very personable with his followers and customers from sharing his process, growth, family, and team in a fun and entertaining way.

Discover the line:


Amora Flower Bar

What girl doesn’t love a fresh-cut, floral bouquet? As you can guess by now, I am a scent-obsessed girl, and every floral bouquet I’ve received from Claudia Saucedo has been so naturally fragrant I can’t go to the grocery store anymore for flowers. From installations and picnics to weddings and events, Amora Flower Bar does it all.


What’s to Love?

Amora Flower Bar takes on a very simplistic, elegant approach to her arrangements. Gawdy and over the top is not her style but unique, and “I never thought you could put that in an arrangement” is. For example, I once got a bouquet from her, and there was a mini pineapple in it!

Operating out of the cutest mobile cart, you can find her floral boutique in the park to make your bouquet or set up at Tenfold Coffee for one of her floral workshops. Discover the brand:

Onata Fragrances

I’m sensing a scent theme here in this post, HA! I have to shout out my friend and creator of Onata Fragrances, Onata Andujar! Candles are her bread and butter, but you can find everything from bath and body products to reed diffusers at her shop.


What’s to Love?

I love the richness of her fragrances, her long-lasting soy candles, and her packaging. Nothing (in my opinion) says self-care like aromatherapy. Onata Fragrances don’t have that chemically smell, and the scent carries from the top of the wick until the bottom. But the best part of her candles is that it evenly fills the room it’s in; now that’s a bang for your buck alone right there!

Discover The Line:

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