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MAIR was born from my signature, but its essence lies in a deeper purpose. I craft fragrances to articulate emotions where words fall short. When you immerse yourself in a my collection, your scent journey will be one where you embrace confidence, embody beauty, and exude sensuality.

As the owner and creator of MAIR, I pour my passion into every blend, ensuring that each scent resonates with authenticity and an air of mystery. The scents, the brand and everything I create in the future is all an extension of me and my journey where fragrance became an expressive journey of my life experiences.

Since starting the brand I have always believed that you are the masterpeice and everything else is the accessory. I create to compliment not to overpower or to overtake. And it's my hope you enjoy the scent journey each of my creations take you on.



In my world, fragrances are more than just scents; they're a gateway to cherished memories. At MAIR, my vision is to craft fragrances that enrich rather than overwhelm. With my debut fragrance, Remember When, I set out to evoke nostalgia and create unforgettable moments that customers can associate with its scent. This ethos carries through to the rest of the collection, ensuring each fragrance is a journey through cherished memories.

Brand Genesis

MAIR, a luxurious fragrance brand, was launched in October 2015. Our fragrances are meticulously crafted using rare and exclusive raw materials sourced from gardens across the globe. This venture into the world of perfumery was sparked by a simple observation. While signing my name at work, a company executive said, "Mair, I can see this on a perfume bottle." This subtle suggestion lingered, gradually evolving into a compelling calling I couldn't ignore. Three years later, seeing my signature on a perfume bottle became a reality. 

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