When and where to wear your best perfume

The idea of a great perfume is in a way to pique interest without demanding it. You want to give off a nice scent, but not one that’s easily defined or recognized; you want people to notice, but not be distracted or put off. Getting this just right comes down largely to which perfume you choose, which is why there are thousands of varieties. However, it also comes down in part to how you wear it - or, more specifically, where. 

This guide is by no means exact, and particularly if you wear a more subtle fragrance, you don’t need to consider these questions much in the first place. Still, this is a little look at a few public places and scenarios where you should - and shouldn’t - wear your best perfume.

A Date At A Fancy Restaurant - Wear It
If you’re out at a nice restaurant sitting across from or even beside a date, there’s certainly something to be said for drawing in his attention with a subtle but pleasing perfume. We’ve looked into how men feel about perfume (Check out our previous post Do men like it when women wear perfume before, and generally speaking many of them seem to appreciate it so long as it’s not overpowering. So a date is often a nice opportunity, and at a restaurant there’s enough open space and enough people that you can sort of stand out and blend in at the same time. 

A Night At The Movies - Skip It
Yes, dates make for nice opportunities to wear your best scents, but if your date night is at the cinema, or if you’re just out for a night at the movies anyway, you may want to skip it. We’re talking about an enclosed space without doors opening and closing (as will happen at restaurants), as well as close quarters. Even a relatively light scent can be a bit too much in this kind of situation. 

Bars & Clubs - Wear It

Bars and clubs carry some of the same benefits as restaurants: you can blend in even if you’re making your scent known, and if you’re out with a date or anyone else you’d like to look and smell your best around, perfume can be a nice touch. But another factor to consider here is that there are likely to be more bad smells around to combat. Bars and clubs can be smokey, sweaty, and stuffy in some cases, so your perfume can keep you fresh (though deodorant is more necessary!). 

A Night At The Theater - Skip It
See above, regarding the movies. A theater venue can be a bit larger and more open, which can make it a little better, but you’re still in close quarters. An extremely subtle touch can be nice, but no more. 

A Trip To The Casino - Wear It
Commenting on some of the perks of live casinos that online sites have tried to emulate, one site noted that the first thing you notice can be row upon row of twinkling lights and spinning reels. This is true, as anyone who’s ever walked into a casino knows, and it speaks to a larger atmosphere of brightness, vibrancy, and excess. That doesn’t mean you should go wild with your perfume, but it does mean it’s an environment in which a slightly stronger scent can fit right in. There’s almost a kind of power to showing up at a casino looking - and smelling - your most elegant. 

A Date Night At Home - Skip It
If you’re having a date at your home or your significant other’s, you’ll want to be subtle about your perfume also. There are exceptions, such as if you’re dressing up for a nice formal meal with candlelight and flowers on the table, as you might for a particular occasion. Otherwise though there’s almost supposed to be something casual and natural about a home date night. Make sure you smell nice and clean, but skip the scent unless it’s very subtle. 

A Night Outdoors - Wear It

“Outdoors” makes for a vague and broad category, but all kinds of different dates can take place outside, and they make for excellent opportunities to try out your perfume. The effects tends to be lessened in wide open space with natural air and a breeze, so you won’t risk overpowering anyone with your scent unless you go tremendously overboard!