Have you noticed the surge in online luxury boutiques? I had the opportunity to attend a private showcasing of a few new luxury brands popping up in New York City and almost instantly you could see what made each brand distinctively different from each other and also their impeccable attention to detail thats missing from chain stores in the mall. But a high price tag, and a quality product aren’t the only two things that make a luxury brand a luxury brand. Below are the main key differentiators that set luxury brands apart from other brands.


Above all, this is the number one thing that separates a lifestyle brand from a luxury brand. Consumer’s will pay more to have an item first ,or be one of a small pool of people that can get it before released to the public.


Often the price of an item is dictated largely by the type of material used to make it and the amount of time spent on the craftsmanship of the product. Walk into any small luxury boutique store and just start feeling the merchandise, you’ll notice a stark difference in its durability. Luxury designers are very intentional about what materials they use because they create the garment or product to last a longer length of time.

Star Power

Nowadays a brand becomes a highly desirable and is considered a luxurious brand when a celebrity or public figure is photographed using or wearing their product(s). It’s what gives a brand its allure.


Store and brand owners know that you can get a variation of what they’re selling for a cheaper price, but the value of what you’re getting will not be the same. When you hear the word ‘luxury’ you automatically think of a higher priced item and in most cases it’s true. The saying, “You get what you pay for” is absolutely right when it comes to luxury products.


Another thing that separates a luxurious brand from a lifestyle brand is its image and ability to keep it seamlessly consistent in all of their advertisements, and social platforms. For newer brands this is a bit difficult because the cost of production and photography adds up pretty quickly. But the main idea is to show your target market images of your product in a setting they can aspire to be in consistently throughout your marketing.