Photo Courtesy: Larisa Shorina

We have all heard, " It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it". Fifty percent of that has to do with your attitude and how comfortable you are wearing what you're wearing. And the other 50% is all up to you (accessories, shoes, makeup etc.)
Change it up
Instead of wearing it straight off the rack and walking out the door, try rolling up the sleeves of your blouse, or long-sleeve dress. Feeling bold? When you wear a dress with an opening flip your necklace(s) to adorn to your back.

Casual Glam is in
Naturally when you hear the term 'glamour' you think of a lady in a ballgown, with her hair and make up flawlessly done; and for galas and award ceremonies that is true, but for your everyday wardrobe, jeans with a tee/blazer and a pair of sexy heels can equally turn heads. 

Natural vs. Full Coverage
Makeup has always been around and (spoiler alert) it always will be! Most people you poll will always tell you the natural look is the best look, but we say some days do a natural look, the next day do a bronze/beachy look and the next go all out and do a red carpet look and pull out funky eye shadows, with a strong winged liner and a sharp contour. Our advice here is to keep it exciting, how you makeup your face is equally as important to how you dress your body.

Your Scent
How could we not include this topic?! We meet all kinds of women some who stay devoted to the same perfume they've been using for 10 plus years and those that have several bottles of perfumes from different brands. There are several ways to wear a perfume that thousands of other women have differently. The common one is to layer it with other scents you already own. And for the ladies who stay with one scent and that scent only, change the time of day you wear your scent. You'll start to notice a new side of your scent as it starts to react to your skin.