With online shopping becoming the preferred method of choice for both male and female consumers the options for finding new brands and products are limitless! There are thousands of new online beauty brands popping up every year and it can be a bit tricky to trust the color lipstick online is the shade you get in the mail, or that their ’all-natural’ product is in fact all natural indeed. Here a few tips on how to safely buy your beauty products online. 

1. Make sure the product is sealed

Different brands have their own way sealing their products but 8 out of 10 times your eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation etc. should comes in its own untampered, individual box.

2. Read Their Reviews

This probably goes without saying, but for brands that have been out for a year or two have built up a good online community that tells the truth about their products either on their website product review section, or on their social pages.


3. Ask a Beauty Blogger

Apart from sharing their tips on how to wear makeup and which perfumes made their end of year favorites list, they also honestly review hundreds of products from several different brands.

4. Read the Information on the Packaging

This is an important one for people with allergies and sensitive skin. If a company claims that their product is all natural in their advertising their packaging also by law has to say the same.

5. Attend their events

Beauty brands host and throw a lot of parties and many times the creator or owners are present and enjoy meeting new customers and answering any concerns you might have.