MAIR Remember When Travel Size


Start creating scented memories where life leads you with the new travel size version of our perfume Remember When. This easy to transport atomizer gives you the luxury and glamour of MAIR in pocket sized form. Give as a gift or purchase as a companion to the full sized bottle of the Remember When scent.

Category: Citrus Floral

Main Notes: Italian Bergamot, Jasmine & Amber


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5 stars out of 5

Original, Adult, and seductive

Nikita on Jul 13th 2020
I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely mellow scent that doesn't make my allergies kick up. I ordered without smelling based on this being a POC biz, I will be using this as my everyday signature scent. A little goes a long way but I need more than this lil sample already! I need a bodywash lotion etc...don't make me make it myself! Lol
4 stars out of 5

light and lovely

undefined on Jul 2nd 2020
i bought the travel size because i didlnt know how it would smell. Once my girl tried it on it light with a flower smell and a little powder. Then it settled on her skin and smelled a little elegant and i was ready to go out. i like the light smell that can be worn daily and love the after smell that can also be worn on a night out.
5 stars out of 5

Light and Carefree

Tyronnia J. on Jun 14th 2020
I truly love the amazing scent. Floral and light, a hint of citrus. Not overpower... complement my pheromones. I want to wear this everyday. I definitely will need the full size bottle.
5 stars out of 5


Rachael Leffler on Jun 13th 2020
I absolutely love this fragrance, Bought two travel size, one for my purse and one for at home. Please come out with a size in between the travel and large bottle.
5 stars out of 5

Love this!

undefined on Feb 23rd 2019
This perfume smells wonderful! I bought the travel size to start because I was afraid I may not like it but it’s wonderful. I will definitely buy the larger size next time.