Last year I did a blog post on the top questions people asked me shortly after launching the MAIR brand (2015 Q&A with MAIR). Most of them were hilarious, some were thoughtful, and the rest just left me scratching my head, but I answered them anyway. This year was no different. Here are the top questions I got asked, starting with the most popular one.

Are you married?

Gosh, I really don’t want to answer this one so I’ll keep it brief, no, not yet.

Did you really make your perfume, Remember When?

Yes, I made the first version in my bedroom.

Do you just make perfume all day?

I wish the answer to this was yes, perfume making is such a joy for me. But no, I spend most of the day working to promote and market MAIR.

Is that your real hair?

Haha!!! I used to get so offended when people would ask me this, now it’s just funny. Yes it’s all mine.

How do you stay motivated?

I just keep going and I work through the “flat” days. I don’t drive myself crazy when things aren’t working out. I remember why I started my brand and I keep the end goal in mind daily.

What do you do for fun?

I know everyone expects me to say shopping, but in truth, fun for me these days is binging on reality tv while eating kettle corn.

Will you ever move your brand to New York or Paris?

Perhaps. I’m not closed to the idea.

Which brand would you say MAIR is similar to?

I have no idea! I don’t create to be like other luxury brands nor do I wake up thinking how I’m going to be like XYZ Company. I’m simply an artist creating things in wearable form with a modern classic feel.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

(1) Trust your instinct and then follow it through 100%. (2) Let go of all the harsh things people say disguised as advice. (3) If you don’t have a mentor, or a business consultant get one; you definitely need people to bounce ideas off of and to review other opportunities with. Don't do it alone!