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Let the Splashing Begin!

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3, 2, 1 WOO-HOO! My perfume, Remember When is officially available and on the market. I am beyond excited to finally share my fragrance with the world.Taking the giant leap of faith to launch my brand MAIR with nothing but instinct has been a challenging, but rewarding experience. When I see people spraying it on and enjoying the softness of this Eau de Parfum, it makes all the time and effort spent on building the brand and creating the perfume well worth it.

Having the opportunity to create my own fragrance line from scratch alongside Frederick Cohen (my chemist) in the lab was not only a rarity, but a dream come true. From the start, I just wanted to give women an all-natural, non-synthetic, soft fragrance that did not give them a headache. My frame of mind in creating Remember When was very simple; craft a scent that is like none other on the market and makes women wearing it feel confident.

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