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You Can't Eat Your Cake and Have it

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I'm sure you all have heard this one before, but what if I told you you could? Sadly, not with cake, but with your perfume! Want a fragrance that is soft, but also lasts long? You can! Want a fragrance that is strong, but doesn't overwhelm you and the people around you? You can! Want this in one bottle? Here it is!

Perfumery is a percentage war. In creating Remember When, Master Perfumer Frederick Cohen and I worked to satisfy people who love their scents soft and people who love their scents strong. This fragrance is an Eau de parfum (post on the different classifications coming soon) so when you first spray it, it comes out strong and as it dries down to the middle notes of jasmine and Italian bergamot the softer it becomes. But don't mistake "softer" for not being able to smell it. Softer just means the power of the scent has been toned down for those who love their scent lighter and less concentrated. That's our secret, two different power levels in one beautiful, glass bottle. You really can have it both ways, and eat your cake and have it (figuratively).

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