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Frequent trips to the mall can often lead to several unplanned purchases. And one product with a really strict return policy is fragrances, especially if you opened it already. And what about those scents you receive as gifts you didn't really care for?  Don't lose heart, here are a few tips to make sure your purchase or gift doesn't go to waste.

1. Layer it with another perfume/cologne

When layering the scent make sure to stay in the same family. For those of you that are a bit more advanced you can mix and match your scents with that either share one common note or scents that complement each other such as amber and spice. A good rule of thumb to follow in order to prevent yourself from getting headache is to keep the number of spritzs no more than the number of sprays you would apply for just one scent.

2. Re-purpose the scent

One of the main reason's people want to return perfume/cologne is because it doesn't last long on their skin. However did you know that linens hold scents very well? Spray your fragrance on your sheets, couch covers, drapes etc.

3. Re-gift it

This was probably the first thing you thought of when you read the title of the post. A fragrance can make a great gift when given to the right person. So how do you make sure the person you're gifting it to is the right person? Chances are this person is a friend, so you should have an idea on what he/she wears already, but it also doesn't hurt to ask them what kind of perfume or cologne they like and what kind of notes they like in their fragrance.

4. Share it in the Restroom

Sounds weird huh? Let me explain. If the fragrance doesn't work with your nose at all, there's definitely someone you know at the office or at school that wouldn't mind spritzing it every once in a while. Write a nice note on a post it and leave it in the restroom for others to enjoy as they freshen up.

5. Resell it

So what about the fragrances that are over $100 and are bit tougher to part with for free? Sites like Amazon and ebay are the quickest and less painful way of reselling the unwanted fragrance.

Hopefully this guide helps you on what to do with your unwanted scents. Personally, I re-purpose the scents I cannot return. Let me know what you think of this post in the comment section below!