10 days left until Christmas and all roads leading to the mall are getting congested with last minute shoppers. Instead of putting together a visual Christmas Guide this year, we thought it would be more helpful to put together a short list of most desirable items the ladies in your life want for Christmas this holiday season.


Starting the list off with the obvious option here. Due to it’s strong link to provoking memories, perfume is a personal item. However, when given as a gift it no longer becomes the scent that she likes it becomes the scent that her lover gave her; which makes it 10X more of a keepsake. (Trust us!)


PJ’s make the perfect gift because you can never go wrong (unless you bought the wrong size and didn’t leave a return receipt). You don’t have to worry about buying the cutest one, just the most comfortable one. With PJ’s, it’s the thought that counts.


This is a tricky gift to get the lady in your life. 8 out of 10 times most guys don’t have their significant other’s bra and panty size memorized. In that case, get a gift card to her favorite lingerie boutique and go all out on the packaging (it’ll pay off later).

Handcrafted Jewelry

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is what the media has conditioned us all to think. However, within every woman is the desire to stand out from others. The thing that makes handcrafted jewelry a bit more special is the fact that they’re made in rather small quantities and have a non-commercial look. And trust us, when a woman knows she’s the lucky recipient of something only a handful (or only her) own, she’ll appreciate you and the gift more.