A continuation from my last post on perfume. This week's disclaimers focus on little tips and advice on making your fragrance last longer. Enjoy!

6. No More Spray Clouds

To each his/her own, but I always laugh to myself a bit when I see people spray their perfume and then walk into it. They're missing out on experiencing all the notes of the fragrance. If the scent you're spraying on is too strong, spray a cotton ball with your perfume and then use the cotton ball to transfer over the scent to your skin. It's the best alternative.

7. Makeup Remover is For Your Fragrance too

Ok I have a confession to make. I am addicted to perfume! (Pretty sure by now you knew that already, but just in case you didn't lol!) When I visit the fragrance counters, which is often I go nuts! I spray myself with so many different scents that by the end of my visit my arms are pungent from the variety of smells. The cure? Makeup wipes! If you end up spraying too much or spraying something you don't like. Get a makeup wipe out and rub it over the area you sprayed, it dulls the scent out to being almost nonexistent.

8. Clothes vs Skin

So, can you spray perfume on your clothes or is it just a treasure for your skin? Yes and no. Perfume can mess with certain kinds of materials like chiffon, or silk because of the oils in it. But spraying it on your clothes can also make the scent last longer versus only spraying it on your skin. Cotton and denim are materials you can spray your scent on. Rule of thumb here is if it's a strong scent don't risk spraying it on your delicate clothing.

9. Wet Skin or Dry Skin

You definitely want to spray your perfume when your skin is dry, it will last longer.

10. Stretch Your Dollar - Store it Right

Every one wants to make their fragrance last long right? Number one mistake perfume buyers make is storing their fragrance in the bathroom, or in a warm place like next to the window that lets in the most sunlight. What the heat, and humidity in these spots are doing to your scent is breaking down the aromatic compounds and lessen the quality of your fragrance.

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