With every industry there are a lot of misconceptions, the same goes for the fragrance industry. Here is Part 1 of my disclaimer series about perfume I think you should know. 

1. Sensitivity is a Real Thing

How much is too much? When you walk past someone and they instantly turn their head to sneeze.We all know those people who you can still smell 5 minutes after they leave. (I cannot stand that!!) It's okay if your perfume lingers in fact, it's supposed to but here's the cold-hearted truth. Not everyone has the same tastes in fragrance selection. Rule of thumb when applying perfume, spray for your nose which is usually 2-3 squirts.

2. Read in Between the Lines

I love that a lot of people are becoming more intentional about using non-modified products. Perfume is in the gray area and has been for awhile because we're not legally obligated to list our ingredients. So how do you know that the perfume you're buying isn't synthetic? Look at their advertising and how the scent is described. I'm very vocal about producing scents from raw ingredients and not chemicals, and all other non-synthetic perfumers are too.

3. Spray it, Let it sit, Repeat

I was in the restroom washing my hands and the lady next to me was spraying her perfume on and after each spray she would rub the spot where she just applied.  Rubbing your perfume is a big no no! (Sidenote: If you want to give me, or any perfumer a heart attack do what this lady did!) When you rub in your fragrance you're breaking up the scent and making it fade more quickly.

4. Where to Spray it

I have the golden ticket to the question everyone wants to know! Perfume will last longer on your skin when you spray it on your pulse points and warm areas on your body like your wrists, slightly below your midriff, behind your knees and your neck.

5. Where Not to Wear It

The Gym! OK so this disclaimer is not supported by any scientific fact and is 100% my opinion, but I have to throw this one in here because even though I'm a perfume addict, I cannot stand to smell perfume at the gym especially when I'm in the middle of a rep, or doing cardio. The smell of sweat and foul body odor mixed with perfume just isn't pleasant.

I hope you enjoyed reading through these fun disclaimers, stay tuned for part 2 in next week's post.Did you like part 1? I'd love to hear from you, drop a note in the comments section below.

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