This month we partnered with Beau Gant, a handmade leather glove company as a way to augment the olfactive journey for their customer base while taking ours a step further in our world of glamour with a modern classic twist.

Scented Gloves


There is a long history of adding scent to leather gloves dating back to the 16th & 17th centuries. In Europe and Egypt, this was done to mask the unpleasant aroma of tanned leather. Fast forward to today, this concept is almost a forgotten practice that niche perfumers are working to resurrect in today’s fashion.

About Beau Gant

Beau Gant is the creation of Katie Das, we love her for her super artsy and creative nature and abundance of color in her glove designs for men and women. All of Beau Gant’s gloves are designed in the same city of love our fragrance was created in Paris, France. Beau Gant gloves are buttery soft to the touch which makes perfect sense, all their gloves are handmade in Naples, Italy and come in a variety of sizes and linings to ensure the perfect fit.

“I’m really happy to be partnering with such a luxurious brand, their gloves are made well and are what I feel a modern take on a classic staple,” said Mair Emenogu.

Through our joint partnership we’re offering 20% off your first pair of gloves in their Classic Collection. Use code mair2017 at checkout.

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