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It Starts with a Vision

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When I first started planning the ad campaign for my brand my mind was racing with hundreds of ideas, I wanted something captivating and grand. Looking back at that moment, I have to laugh to myself a little bit because I had no idea what I would be in for the next months ahead.

There is a gospel song by Karen Clark Sheard called, My Words Have Power. In it she sings the following lyric, “You’ve got to see it before you see it.” And she’s right, before anyone was hired on my team, I had a vision. I knew what I wanted and who I wanted. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t know where all the pieces would fit, and trust me, nothing about launching a brand is easy, but having a roadmap will do you a lot of favors in the end.

Some advice for my entrepreneurial readers: If you are able to test your idea before going all in, do it! Before shooting the commercial and doing the official photoshoot for my brand I did a test shoot. I wanted my models to meet beforehand and get rid of any awkward tension.

Check out these images from our test shoot with my models, Nikki Zazarra and Chandler Rodriguez.



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