Though we can't help you find your soulmate we can definitely help you attract your next romance for Fall with the power of scent. When you make your next trip to your favorite fragrance counter here's what to look for to keep him/her attracted and interested.

Fragrances with Pheromones

Don't dismiss the power of bottled pheromones! Yes it's true we naturally give off these pheromens, but because we take showers and use deodorants, then cover up most of body with clothing the reach of our natural pheromones can't compete. This is where pheromone enhanced perfumes and colognes can help.

Get Out of Your Scent Comfort Zone

There's a little myth always playing in the back of our minds that men shouldn't wear floral fragrances and women shouldn't wear woodsy fragrances for fear of not attracting the opposite sex way. Do away with that myth the opposite is true. Our advice? Men, go for the floral scent without hesitation! Women, go for the woodsy scent without thinking twice and let us know how many compliments you get from the opposite sex!

Fragrance Notes That Attract Men

Scientist have researched types of scents that stimulate and have a high effect on sensuality. The top fragrance notes to attract men are vanilla & cinnamon . (Can you guess why? We're convinced it has something to do with the male's ideal perception of home.)

Fragrance Notes That Attract Women

Women shockingly become instantly magnetized to men when they're wearing lime or leather (not a shocker there) scents. Lime or citrus based scents on men tend to take the notice of women when in big groups. Leather scents appeal to women because they evoke feelings and thoughts of an open road with hardworking and handy man.