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Decoding The New FDA MoCRA Regulations for the Fragrance Industry

Decoding The New FDA MoCRA Regulations for the Fragrance Industry

Posted by MAIR on Dec 21st 2023

A transformative wave of regulations is coming for the Fragrance Industry with the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) in 2022. There are so many intricacies of MoCRA to understand; we also need to share the profound impact it holds for both industry players and consumers alike. In our last few blogs we've covered how FDA regulations can impact specific fragrances, now let's cover how it impacts the fragrance industry as a whole. 

A Paradigm Shift Towards Safety 

Central to MoCRA is an unwavering commitment to consumer safety. The fragrance industry, has been known for its creativity and innovation, but not for it's transparency. With this new regulation fragrances will be subject to heightened scrutiny, ensuring that the scents we love are not only enchanting but also safe for use. The regulations set by MoCRA seek to eliminate potential hazards, setting a new standard for safety within the cosmetic fragrance sector. 

Navigating Transparency with MoCRA 

A cornerstone of MoCRA is the push for transparency within the cosmetic industry. The introduction of the Cosmetics Direct Electronic Registration and Listing of Cosmetic Product system is a monumental stride towards achieving this goal. Manufacturers are now required to electronically register and list their cosmetic products, fostering a more transparent environment where consumers can access comprehensive information about the fragrances they choose to spritz themselves with. 

For more information on the electronic registration system, refer to the FDA announcement here.

Allergen Oversight 

MOCRA incorporates stringent measures to identify and regulate potential allergens in fragrance formulations. Through thorough assessments conducted by experts in the field, the legislation aims to minimize the presence of allergens in cosmetic fragrances, providing additional reassurance to consumers who may be prone to allergic reactions. 

The Road Ahead for Fragrance Regulation 

To help ensure that industry has sufficient time to comply with the new MoCRA regulations the enforcement of this has been delayed to July 1, 2024. As the industry wraps its arms around this regulation consumers are happy to hear the FDA continue to hold the fragrance industry accountable and embrace that fragrance for them is not merely an olfactory experience but a conscientious choice.

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