7 more days until Christmas and guess what's on my mind? What I'm going to wear of course! I normally follow tradition on this day, a red dress with a black heel. But this year, I feel like decking the halls with navy blue and gold.

The Dress

Make a statement where ever you go! I LOVE bold prints, and this dress fits right in with my artsy feminine aesthethic. This dress comes from Designer Cici Lau’s Friday collection sold exclusively on www.stylewe.com

Embroidery Silk Satin Mini Dress


The Heels

I honestly cannot describe my shoe collection in just one word. It varies from simple all the way up to eclectic. But here is a pair that is just drop dead gorgeous from designer Sophia Webster. Check out the heel of this leather sandal; they are embellished with crystals! You can find these on her website www.sophiawebster.com

Rosalind Crystal


The Clutch

Burberry is my all-time favorite designer. I usually never leave their store emptyhanded. Their Medium clutch also doubles into a shoulder bag making it very versatile for every day and evening wear. Get this look on nordstrom’s website www.shop.nordstrom.com

Burberry Medium Mildenhall Clutch


The Earrings

I’m not a huge fan of jewelry, but I usually find that it is what makes an outfit go from just ok to wow in an instant. I chose to go with simple earrings from Kate Spade so that it doesn’t take away from the bold print on the dress and the statement heels. You can find these beautiful studs on Neiman Marcus website www.neimanmarcus.com

Kate Spade Emerald Cut Stud Earrings