I am always baffled when I meet people that have never traveled outside of their home state, and even more confused when I further discover they have no desire to see, or experience the world beyond what is familiar to them.

Adventurous usually makes the top three list of adjectives my friends use to describe me, and they’re spot on. My sense of curiosity runs wild, it has no cap. When I first started driving I didn’t understand how the massive freeways of Houston worked, or how to get anywhere without a map or multiple stops to gas stations along the way for directions. I couldn’t stand being lost all the time, so shortly after getting my license, I would pick a small part of the city once a week and purposefully get lost and try to figure it out without a map or help. Fast forward to my adult years that same curiosity takes me out of Texas every few months to a random city just for the sake of exploring a new place, seeing new things and meeting new people. My latest trip? Seattle, Washington!

I was trying to get the right shot of me with the beautiful skyline in the back, but the candid shots and the ones of my movement in between poses came out looking a bit more interesting.