Let's define it first, in short a niche fragrance is a scent produced on a smaller scale compared to designer fragrance brands and is usually exclusive to a certain location specializing in perfume.

5. Niche perfumers put the art back in their scents

Niche perfumers, myself included view perfume making as an art form. Consumers are beginning to appreciate the risks niche perfumers take and the complexity in their scents. Gone are the days where us performers stick to only using popular notes like rose and sandalwood. Now we are playing with notes like tobacco and oud.

4. More individualistic

If we are honest with ourselves when we get invited to a party and put on our Sunday's best the last surprise we want is seeing someone with the exact same outfit on as you. The same goes with fragrance, scents like Victor and Rolf's Flowerbomb and Dolce and Gabanna's The One are so common that if you're not careful the same scent that you wore on that fancy date could be the same scent your significant other smells daily on another coworker. This will not be problem while wearing a niche fragrance .

3. Quality in how it is made

The majority of niche scents are handcrafted. Which means more attention to detail is paid every step of the way.

2. Has the heart of the creator

Many designer fragrances contract several master perfumers' to work for their brand to constantly create scents for them and if it is something that can perform well mainstream it gets the green light. With niche fragrances (in most cases) there is only one perfumer and 9 out of 10 cases it is the owner of the brand. I am pretty I can speak for all niche perfumers, that when we sit to create a scent we are putting all of our heart and soul into it.

1. The notes used are rare and from all over the world

Because niche perfumers produce on a smaller scale, we tend to splurge on more expensive ingredients than the designer perfumers for larger brands do. Which means the scent smells more rich and luxurious.

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