One of the most incredibly misunderstood beauty products is fragrance. Knowledge of fragrance starts and ends at wearing a scent that smells good. Let’s dive in to some of these myths:

Myth #1 Cologne is for Men and Perfume is for Women

This myth is largely believed because cologne is primarily what men tend to wear and perfume is primarily what women tend to wear.

Cologne and perfume refer the concentration of scent oils in the fragrance. Cologne uses 3% of concentration of the fragrance oil while perfume uses anywhere between 15-20%.

Myth #2 You Should Spray Strong Fragrances in the Air Then Walk Through it

Fragrances should always be sprayed directly onto the skin to get the best essence of the scent. The power of the scent will die down over time, spray it sparingly if the scent is too strong.

Myth #3 Fragrances Should be Stored Correctly to Preserves the Scent

We’ve all heard the strict rules to follow when it comes to storing fragrances like keep it out of the sunlight or store it in a cool, dark area however the truth is that it’s a half truth.

Certain temperatures can affect the oils in the perfume or cologne and make the scent change, but in most cases the fragrance’s bottle protects the scent and keeps it smelling like the perfumer or manufacturer intended.

Myth #4 It’s Safe to Spray Fragrance in Your Hair

There are articles that encourage different tactics to getting a cologne or perfume in your hair but the truth is that alcohol based scents dry out the strands that it was directly applied to.

Myth #5 Citrus Fragrances Don’t Last Long

Wrong! It’s true citrus notes tend to fade the fastest, but most perfumers medley citrus notes with wood and animalics in the base to improve the staying power.