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The Regal Scarf by MAIR

Como, Italy is world famous for manufactures of silk and is the origin of where our new line of scarves were designed and created from start to finish. 


Our first scarf is called Regal for its modern yet classic design taken from the artwork on the box of our fragrance, Remember When. This is the first to be released from the MAIR line and is a stand alone piece from the rest of the collection launching in the Spring of 2017. 

How it was made

Our scarves are manufactured using the digital printing process and the hemlines are hand rolled, which adds to the uniqueness of owning a MAIR scarf. The grade of silk used to create Regal is 100% pure silk twill and is the highest grade of silk from Lake Como where it was grown and woven. 

An investment piece

With our Regal silk scarf, the more you wear it and the more contact it has with the oils from your skin, the softer it will become over time and use. We produced a limited amount of our handmade, silk scarves to keep it exclusive and unique to for our loyal customers.

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