"My brand was indeed conceptualized from my signature, but that is just the how of the story, not the why. I create fragrances so that it expresses your emotion in the absence of words. When you wear my fragrance, you are going to feel confident and be it, feel sexy and beautiful and become it." 

Mair Emenogu- Owner & Creator


 -mg-7394.jpgHow it Began

The idea to launch MAIR with a luxury fragrance all started with my written signature. I was at work signing my signature when one of the company executives walked in. When he saw it, he said, “Mair, I can see this on a perfume bottle.” 

For the next three years every time I would hear my name, I would always hear perfume instead. It was a calling I could no longer shake, so one day I finally decided to dive into the world of perfumery and start creating fragrances with the mind of making women feel confident and sexy on the inside. 

Vision of MAIR

My vision in creating this brand was to create fragrances that do not overpower, but compliment the natural aroma of women and men. I believe that the person is the centerpiece, and everything else should be the accessory. In making Remember When, I wanted to remind people that we naturally tie scents to a memory and this fragrance allows the opportunity to make each moment memorable. This scent captures my spirit of laughter and joy. When I wear Remember When, it makes me feel elegant in a way that a fancy dress cannot. I hope that this fragrance can do for women what it has done for me and embodies your sensuality and femininity as your wear it.                    

About MAIR 

MAIR is a fine fragrance brand that launched in October 2015. The brand uses exclusive and rare ingredients from all over the world. Remember When, was designed and crafted in Grasse, France (the cradle of perfumery) and manufactured in the USA. 


Why We Are Different

We look at perfume as an art not a job. Every step in the fragrance creation process was carefully mastered, weighed, mixed, and filled by hand to create the beauty of Remember When. Our main goal was to create an experience, present in the top, middle and base notes. It is truly a unique scent not matched to any other perfume on the market.

Our Focus

Our goal is not to just produce great fragrances. We focus on the individual and creating positive emotions for them through a combination of scents.

Our Inspirations

The brain's relationship between scent and memory is very strong, we used that truth to help design the elegant packaging of Remember When. Our main inspiration came from brainwaves. Our bottle was made in Italy. The symmetric grooves around the edges were precisely measured and laser cut symbolizing a perfect memory.